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One More Time

This song came to be after a discussion with my Sister Michelle about renaming our musical side project known as “M. T. V.” which stood for Michelle, (Howland) Tim (Ellifritz) and me “Vinnie” to “Juxtapoze” (Spelled that way on purpose) well,,, I was out voted. I didn’t mind changing the name but I wanted to wait until we got the cease and desist order from M. T. V. Corporate. Our trio performed locally and we also produced an Ep of original music which is climate reality based, and, after the name change became “Juxtapoze, Change” anyway in an effort to prove to my Sister I actually knew what the word meant (She’s quite the Academic) I told her I’d write a song around “Juxtapoze”. That evening Tonya and I watched the Film “Into The Blue” which was the catalyst for “One More Time”… VL

Tending The Fire

So about 22 years ago when I first met my friend Larry, who in his much younger days palled around with just about every famous name in Rock & Roll, Country Rock, Folk and Blues etc. after the Laurel Canyon era began winding down, mentioned to me he was going on his annual camping trip with members of the musical group….who’s name I can’t reveal cause I’ve been sworn to secrecy. He happened to ask if he could borrow one of my guitars for the trip and of course I said No, lol cause I wanted to go too. But yeah I let him take my Guild.

So after he returned and I was able to stop over to his place for the guitar and some bubbly, I asked him about the trip and what he spent his time doing, to which he replied catching up, playing music, cooking, eating and…..Tending the Fire. I immediately thought of writing the song which made its way to the album though with a different take… VL


Some people make peace with what they perceive to be their own fate. As such Dad thought his days above ground would come to a close at or about 68 like all his paternal ancestors. As such he lived his life centered on taking care of his family, on his work and his music but if his music took him away for days on end so be it. If he wanted to go out with the guys for a 150 mile sled ride, BOOM,,,,He was gone. If his pals wanted him to tag along on one of their bike (Motorcycle) rides BOOM,,,,He was gone.

Dad never neglected us. He loved us with every fiber in his body. We would rarely want for anything outside of him being home. One evening after Dad, me, and my two brothers got done feeding the pigs, chickens, and harvesting a few things from the garden for dinner, we asked him to build us a tree house, BOOM,,,,3 hours later there was a viable treehouse platform suspended between four large spruce, and eventually was complete with a shingled roof. But Dad was on a mission to live as much life as he could with what time he had.

Mom was ALWAYS the one who remained with us. the absolute constant in our lives. Inasmuch as I wanted to write that song about Mom, that song that described her unyielding selflessness, I couldn’t. Not yet. So I compromised and wrote “Dad”.

In this song I was able to bring to the fore, Mom’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and Dad’s lack of a paternal mentor, the love of these Adirondacks that would so dramatically change the life of a City kid, the invaluable knowledge I’ve gained seeing how they each navigated their lives and how fortunate I am to be the son of these two amazing people… VL

This Side Of Heaven

Nothing to hide here. This is a straight forward Anthem for Upstate New York, the Adirondacks and a suggestion that as we remember those we’ve lost during the Pandemic and continue to distance ourselves from the constraints of isolation, the peaks and valleys become the metaphor for those daily/weekly graphs of the rising and falling of the infected the hospitalized and the dying.

Because (in my humble opinion) We All Need to Celebrate How Far We’ve Come, To Celebrate This Side Of Heaven, the Heaven of these Adirondacks, and,,,this side of whatever comes next.
Beyond that it’s yours to interpret… VL

He Might Be Right

Music was a huge part of my Father’s life and at 85, he still performs at least one night a week during the summertime calling Square Dances, but, as a child I remember him not being home every night. One of His regrets has been just that. It’s a twist on the old saying “If I’d known I was gonna live this long I’d have done this or done that.

Me, having been bit by the same bug as a young man, desperately wanting to prove to him that I could achieve everything he wasn’t able to and do it on my own terms, I found myself living out a similar life and like my Father, questioning the value of the choices made and living with the consequences, as well as accepting the possibility that he might be right… VL

Living Proof

March 15th, 2020 was a Sunday. That particular Sunday evening I was performing in Lake Placid, New York. The TVs in the Lodge were all on, each with a different News Network,,,and the big question?

What I didn’t know was that it would be my last unrestricted public performance for a while. During the days and weeks that followed I was able to catch up on most all the neglected Honey Do’s and thankfully Tonya and I were able to stay free of infection. Our hearts ached for so many that were falling ill and dying. It was difficult to watch the news but needed to know where the worst of the surge was because our Daughter was in Massachusetts, our Son and Daughter in-law in North Carolina, Plus all the extended family scattered across the country. During that time I, like most of us began to loose a sense of who I was Before the shutdown.

This song, a “Poor Me” sorry for feeling sorry for myself song is really a tribute to Tonya for never loosing her positive spirit due to our confinement. For always taking care of the responsibilities of running a home and her Happy to be spending MORE time with me in 2020 than the last 20 years attitude… VL

Sticks & Stones

This song gave me the opportunity to address a variety of topics beyond the obvious. I truly don’t know anyone who can say they’ve lived life with No regrets. Listening to some of my songs on this album it’s easy to understand that I have regrets. But I keep trying to improve the way I live life, the way I interact with everyone I encounter on a daily basis, especially my family and close friends. Trying NOT to be judgmental, putting myself in their shoes, if you will, because none of us completely know the burdens others carry.

I’m also able to impart a Mother’s wisdom about the different layers of bullying and being bullied. One of the other aspects of this song is that it’s also a tribute to my good friends Gary and Steve who own “Sticks & Stones” Bar and Grill in Schroon Lake New York. I’ve been performing at Sticks for at least eight years and,,, anytime I’ve needed some extra work to pay for the things that hit you by surprise, Steve and Gary always gave me a spot to set up and play. Emerging from isolation I perform at Sticks & Stones weekly on Wednesdays 5:30-8:30… VL

The Top Of Lift 3

This Song Will Get You Moving!!!

I got the inspiration for T. T. O. L. 3. years ago when I was a Part Time “Liftie” at Gore Mountain, which is part of the O. R. D. A. Family, The New York “Olympic Regional Development Authority” Lift Operations Supervisor, Tammy Bukovinsky who’s been at Gore for 34 years as of the release of this album makes sure each lift is staffed with skilled, compassionate ski enthusiasts who take pride in the maintenance of the mounting and dismounting areas and their ability to handle any situation safely and respectfully for all. Lifties often become the faces of The Mountain. The skiers and boarders encounter the Lifties over and over again during their time at Gore.

ANYWAY!!! Many times I was assigned to The Top Of Lift 3 Thanks to Tammy. That was my favorite place to be. That lift was transitional for the young people just learning how to approach a lift chair, mount and dismount properly and safely, some while being accompanied by the many wonderful Ski Instructors at Gore.
Lift 3 also saw many adult skiers who enjoyed the exciting trails on the lower part of the mountain.

So in essence, my song “The Top Of Lift 3” is not only a Gore Mountain Anthem, It’s a HUGE THANK YOU to Tammy… VL

New Car

In September 2021 When Tonya’s mint 2010 Sky Blue Convertible Mustang (Affectionately called “Sea Biscuit”) was totaled, though thankfully she was NOT injured, we faced the arduous task of finding a replacement. We soon found out that it would be wiser to purchase a new vehicle because the used stock seemed much too expensive. We felt like kids again just starting out, car after car they were all so modern and exhilarating, unlike what we were used to.

After our many road tests and the subsequent purchase of a new vehicle that matched the color of Sea Biscuit and the “designer hand bags” (yes, plural, but hey, I’ve got many guitars so it’s ok) I was struck with the idea for “New Car” by “Struck” I mean struck by Tonya when I mentioned the idea to her. Lol. I also had a dream that I traveled around the country as marriage counselor and my opening statement was “Road Testing a New Car saved my marriage” lol… VL

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